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1. 现场座位采取“先到先得”的方式,具体座位由前台工作人员进行安排。

2. 观众凭前台换取的桌卡进入演出场地,由服务人员引领至相应座位入座。

3. 因场地座位有限,会有拼桌现象,敬请谅解。

4. Blue Note Beijing提供餐饮服务,入场后即可点餐。谢绝自带食品与酒水进入场地。

5. 门票发票须演出当日凭桌卡开具。




Lakecia Benjamin - Alto Saxophone

Charenee Wade - Vocals

David Bryant - Piano

Jonathan Michel - Bass

Darrell Green - Drums

具有超凡魅力和动感的萨克斯风演奏家、乐队领队--Lakecia Benjamin,已经与Stevie Wonder、Alicia Keys、The Roots、Macy Gray和其他许多人合作,在演出中将灵魂音乐和放克音乐带到一个高度狂热的点,观众无论白天或黑夜都能跟着起舞。尽管她自己的音乐和她的乐队Lakecia Benjamin and Soul Squad的音乐都沉浸在James Brown、Maceo Parker、Sly and the Family Stone和The Meters以及经典爵士乐的复古之声中,但Benjamin使用的飞舞的、适合舞池的节奏令经典氛围达到一个全新的水平。 其中始终不变的是Benjamin的夏日风格的、性感的中音萨克斯风,为每一次演奏都增加了一些特殊之处--不管是深夜氛围,还是广泛、有力的爵士乐紧张度,或是紧凑的放克风格的多铜管和声部分,都调剂了整个演奏过程。

Lakecia Benjamin是在Washington Heights出生并长大的纽约人,现已成为灵魂音乐和放克音乐中最受欢迎的音乐人之一。 她最初是在Fiorello LaGuardia表演艺术高中开始学习萨克斯风,之后参加了纽约New School大学著名的爵士音乐课程。到那时,她已经与Clark Terry和Reggie Workman等爵士乐著名人物一起合作演奏,并与Rashied Ali、the David Murray Big Band、Vanessa Rubin和James" Blood" Ulmer等多种多样的艺人进行现场演奏会和巡回演出。凭借深厚的爵士音乐根基,她很快被要求担任编曲和铜管声部的负责人,并在诸如Stevie Wonder、Alicia Keys、Macy Gray、The Roots和Anita Baker等著名艺人中脱颖而出。

目前,Benjamin是Gregory Porter的特约音乐家,以及喜剧明星Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious的特约音乐家和编曲。(Robinson因其在电视剧《The Office》以及《Pineapple Express》和《Hot Tub Time Machine》等受欢迎的电影中的表现而闻名,他定期与the Nasty Delicious乐队巡演,乐队是他受欢迎的喜剧表演的主要衬托)。 Benjamin还曾荣幸地在奥巴马总统白宫的就职典礼演出。 她的演出遍布全球,还为Santigold、Maurice Brown、The Clark Terry Big Band、Krystle Warren和Talib Kweli等艺人和乐队演奏。

Charismatic and dynamic saxophonist/bandleader Lakecia Benjamin's electric stage presence and fiery sax work, has shared stages with Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, The Roots, Macy Gray and many others, brings the soul and funk up to a fever pitch in a show that's guaranteed to keep crowds dancing day or night. Though her own music with her band Lakecia Benjamin and Soul Squad is immersed in the vintage sounds of James Brown, Maceo Parker, Sly and the Family Stone and the Meters as well as classic jazz, Benjamin's soaring, dance floor-friendly grooves take the classic vibe to a whole new level. The constant throughout it all is Benjamin's summery, sultry alto saxophone, adding something special on every cut - be it a smoldering late-night ambience, an erudite, forceful jazz intensity or the tight funk multi-horn harmony sections that pepper the proceedings throughout.

A streetwise New York City native born and raised in Washington Heights, Lakecia Benjamin has become one of the most highly sought-after players in soul and funk music. She first picked up the saxophone at Fiorello LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, after which she joined the renowned jazz program at New York's New School University. By that time, she was already playing with renowned jazz figures like Clark Terry and Reggie Workman, which led to gigs and tours with a wide array of artists such as Rashied Ali, the David Murray Big Band, Vanessa Rubin and James "Blood" Ulmer. With her deep jazz roots, she was soon in demand as an arranger and horn section leader, landing stints with such acclaimed artists as Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Macy Gray, the Roots, and Anita Baker.

Currently, Benjamin is a featured musician for Gregory Porter as well as a featured musician and arranger for comedy star Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious. (Robinson, best known for his work on TV's The Office as well as such popular films as Pineapple Express and Hot Tub Time Machine, tours regularly with the Nasty Delicious band serving as the main foil in his popular comedy act). Benjamin has also had the honor of performing at the White House at President Obama's inaugural ball. She's performed on four continents and her extensive recording credits include saxophone and arrangements for Santigold, Maurice Brown, the Clark Terry Big Band, Krystle Warren and TalibKweli, among others.



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