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入场时间/Door Time:6:00 PM

演出时间/Show Time:7:30PM



入场时间/Door Time:6:00 PM

演出时间/Show Time:7:30PM


入场时间/Door Time:9:30PM

演出时间/Show Time:10:00PM

地址/Add:前门东大街23号 Blue Note Beijing

23 Qianmen East Street. Dongcheng District. Beijing


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Till Brönner - Trumpet

Christian von Kaphengst – Bass

David Haynes – Drums

Bruno Müller – Guitar

Jasper Soffers – Piano

Frank McComb - Vocals/Keys

Till Brönner 是德国著名的爵士小号手。虽然他以出色的技巧而闻名,但他也被人们称为“德国的Chet Baker”。Brönner在科隆音乐学院学习了爵士小号。他的杰出老师包括Malte Burba教授和美国爵士小号手Bobby Shew。他的第一张专辑《Generations of Jazz》与Ray Brown、Jeff Hamilton、Frank Chastenier和Grégoire Peters一同合作,于1993年发行。立即获得了“德国唱片评论奖”。从那时起,他就与Dave Brubeck、Tony Bennett、Mark Murphy、James Moody、Monty Alexander、Nils Landgren以及Klaus Doldinger和Joe Sample等国际巨星合作。

Brönner还在1999年为Hildegard Knef创作并制作了专辑《17 Millimeter》,并为纪录片如爵士乐与时尚摄影师William Claxton的《Jazz Seen》、Pepe Danquart的《Höllentour》制作了配乐。此外,他还制作了两张广受好评的美国爵士歌手Mark Murphy的专辑。这张专辑也引起了国际上对他作品的关注。Brönner的18张录音室专辑中有11张是在环球唱片旗下厂牌“Verve”发行的。他的CD主要在洛杉矶录制已屡次获得金唱片认证。最新专辑《The Good Life》于2016年9月由SONY唱片发行。

在2009年,Brönner贡献了著名瑞士电音组合Yello的大热专辑《Touch Yello》里所有的小号部分。同年,Brönner被任命为Dresden(德累斯顿)Carl Maria von Weber音乐学院的教授。自2009/10年冬季学期起,他与Malte Burba教授一起在德累斯顿教授爵士小号。

从2010年到2011年,Brönner在VOX和RTL上播出的选秀节目“ X Factor”里作为陪审团成员和导师。一夜之间,他被许多的大众所认识。他被要求带领“25岁以上年龄组”并两次赢得比赛。之后他离开了这个节目,为了再次专注于自己作为专业爵士音乐家的身份。

作为一位敬业的音乐家,Brönner经常与他的乐团一起巡回演出:包括与Dieter Ilg的二重奏,一支七重奏乐团以及自2015年成立的包括20多名音乐家的Till Brönner管弦乐团,以及一项与古典小号手Sergei Nakariakow合作的项目。Brönner会定期在世界各大舞台上演出,例如在纽约卡内基音乐厅、在东京的蓝音爵士俱乐部和许多著名的爵士音乐节上。在2015年,他受邀参加了在巴黎举行的国际爵士乐日,这个活动最初由Herbie Hancock发起。在巴黎,他与当代爵士乐的巨星们一同演出。一项特别荣誉是在2016年国际爵士日,他在白宫与Herbie Hancock、Sting、Aretha Franklin、Diana Krall、Al Jarreau、Hugh Masekela、Buddy Guy和Chick Corea等一起为奥巴马进行表演。

摄影是Till Brönner人生中的另一个兴趣所在。自2010年以来,他越来越专注于拍摄肖像,他通常使用的是“Leica M”相机。他的插图书《Face of Talent》于2014年底由te Neues Verlag出版社出版。

自2013年以来,Till Brönner一直是德国男装公司Eduard Dressler的合伙人和代言人。

Till Brönner is Germany’s leading jazz trumpeter. While he is known for his outstanding virtuosity, he is also referred to as a ‘German Chet Baker’. Brönner studied jazz trumpet at the College of Music, Cologne. Among his prominent teachers are Prof. Malte Burba and the American jazz trumpeter Bobby Shew. His first album, Generations of Jazz, with Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton, Frank Chastenier and Grégoire Peters, was released in 1993. Immediately it won the ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ (German Records Criticism Award). From then on he played with international greats such as Dave Brubeck, Tony Bennett, Mark Murphy, James Moody, Monty Alexander, Nils Landgren as well as Klaus Doldinger and Joe Sample.

Brönner also composed and produced the album 17 Millimeter for Hildegard Knef in 1999, and he wrote soundtracks for documentaries like ‘Jazz Seen’ about the jazz and fashion photographer William Claxton or ‘Höllentour’ by Pepe Danquart. Further, he produced two highly praised albums of the American jazz singer Mark Murphy. This album also led to much international interest in his work. Among Brönner’s eighteen studio albums eleven are released on the legendary Universal-Label ‘Verve’. His CDs which are mostly recorded in Los Angeles have repeatedly reached gold status. His current album, The Good Life, was released on SONY in September 2016.

In 2009 Brönner contributed all trumpet parts of the cult CD Touch Yello by the famous Suisse electronic music duo ‘Yello’. In the same year Brönner was appointed professor at the College of Music Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden. Together with Prof. Malte Burba he has been teaching jazz trumpet in Dresden since winter semester 2009/10.

From 2010 to 2011, Brönner was a member of the jury and mentor in the casting show ‘X Factor’, televised on VOX and RTL. Overnight he became known to a much larger public. He was asked to look after ‘the over 25s category’ and won the competition twice. He left the programme in order to concentrate on his work as a fulltime jazz musician again.

As a dedicated musician, Brönner frequently goes on tour with his ensembles: a Duo with Dieter Ilg, a Septet, and, since 2015, the Till Brönner Orchestra, which includes over twenty musicians, as well as a project with the classical trumpeter Sergei Nakariakow. Brönner regularly plays on the world’s great stages, e.g., in Carnegie Hall, New York, in the Blue Note Jazz Club in Tokio and at prominent jazz festivals. In 2015 he was invited to the International Jazz Day in Paris, an initiative which originates with Herbie Hancock. In Paris he performed among the stars of contemporary jazz. A special honour was the International Jazz Day 2016 where he played for Barak Obama at the White House with Herbie Hancock, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Diana Krall, Al Jarreau, Hugh Masekela, Buddy Guy and Chick Corea, to name but a few.

Photography has been another interest in Brönner’s life. Since 2010 he has focussed increasingly on portraits which he usually takes with a ‘Leica M’ camera. His illustrated book, Faces of Talent, was published by te Neues Verlag at the end of 2014.

Since 2013, Till Brönner is a partner and testimonial with the German menswear company Eduard Dressler.

Till Brönner & 乐队

这支一流的乐队与这位享誉国际的小号演奏大师的合作引起了全球的音乐爱好者们的强烈热情。国际成员们本身都是非常成功的独奏艺术家,并非常高兴与这位德国爵士偶像一起演奏。从最真实的意义上讲,他们将《The Good Life》带到了舞台上。

无论怎样,在这种出色的音乐形式中,流行的程度并不是那么重要。Brönner完全专注于他乐器的声音。他在小号上的精湛技艺给听众留下了深刻的印象 但他也会确保以观众们可以一样听到其他乐队成员的才华。每个人都有独奏空间,而每个成员都会融入整体演奏的和谐中。这个充满娱乐性和令人惊喜的项目充满了Brönner庞大个人作品表中的曲目,并通过他迷人的注解更加丰富了歌曲,这将带来最为特别的音乐会体验。

Till Brönner & Band

The first-class band together with this internationally acclaimed trumpet virtuoso enthuse music lovers around the globe.

The international members – all successful solo artists in their own right – are delighted to play with this German jazz icon. In the truest sense they bring ‘The Good Life’ on stage.

However, popularity is not what matters in this outstanding musical formation. Brönner entirely concentrates on the sounds of his instrument. He impresses his audience with the virtuosity of what he can do on the trumpet; yet he ensures that the brilliance of the other band members is heard in equal measure. Everyone is given space for solo parts while at the same time each will integrate into the harmony of ensemble performance. The entertaining and surprising programme, filled with songs from Brönner’s large repertoire and enriched by his charming commentary, promises a most special concert experience.




Blue Note Beijing